In addition to its usual displays, the museum hosts a variety of art exhibitions and concerts throughout the year. Considered a holy spot by many, it is associated with numerous events in Jesus' life including ascending to Heaven and teaching his disciples the Lord's prayer. Each has its own unique personality and atmosphere that you won’t want to miss out on. Creating your own self-guided walk in Jerusalem is easy and fun. Considered for centuries to be the center of the universe, Jerusalem is where the most famous figure in the history of mankind, Jesus of Nazareth, fulfilled his divine mission. In the 4th century, it was a monastery. Jordanian snipers used the Tower’s ramparts as a position from which to The Night Spectacular and King David show are intended for all languages. The museum is open to the public 7 days a week and offers guided tours of the permanent and temporary exhibits at no extra cost.Â. This self-guided tour will lead you gate to gate through the Old City revealing mystery... Modern day Jerusalem is a mosaic of neighborhoods, reflecting different historical periods, cultures, and religions. as a military outpost. Downtown Jerusalem is the heart of the modern metropolis, with nightlife, dining and culture to rival any major city. Guided tours of the guardrooms of the ancient citadel in English are available Sunday – Thursday at 11:00 am (included with admission). Located in a series of chambers in the original citadel, the museum includes a courtyard which contains archeological remains dating back 2,700 years. Tower of David in Jerusalem, Israel - sight map, attraction information, photo and list of walking tours containing this attraction. Nice experience for me and my family! years it was a Turkish garrison. The walls of the Citadel and the archaeological remains in its courtyard serve as a backdrop and scenery for an impressive exhibit, which, through the most advanced technologies in the world and a score of original music, tell the historical story of the city of Jerusalem. The “star of Bethlehem” as well as Christmas carols and hymns are firmly associated with this ancient city in the West Bank, Palestine, and for some visitors the bustle of a modern city may come as a surprise. The This is also the location of Jerusalem's famed sound and light show. Stay up-to-date with all that's new in Jerusalem and on this site. Over the centuries, they have been The area is made up of several neighborhoods, including the colorful Mahane Yehuda Market, charming Nahalat Shiva, bustling Ben Yehuda and Yafo Streets. Today, it is the only museum in the world dedicated exclusively to the history of Jerusalem. The exciting activities. The evening performances at the Tower of David are a multi-sensory experience that incorporates breathtaking sights and sounds. English tours are Sun-Thurs (and Friday during July/August) at 11:00. is your #1 resource for planning the trip of your dreams to our fair city of Jerusalem. We started with the free guided tour and then wandered around on our own after the tour. The Tower of David (Hebrew: מגדל דוד ‎, Migdal David, Arabic: برج داود ‎, Burj Daud), also known as the Jerusalem Citadel, is an ancient citadel located near the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem.