If your special someone loved this summer’s Crazy Rich Asians, why not include a filming spot in your romantic getaway? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Kicking off with $4000, we have been traveling Southeast Asia for a year now. Thank you! Chris and I got an appetizer, two entrees, and two beers for only $6 at a sit-down restaurant in Hanoi. But when you’ve saved your money and planned every last detail of a trip, even little slip-ups and scheduling errors can feel like the end of the world. Again, that’s a nice dinner and drinks, not like a TGI Friday’s dinner. You’ll dive headfirst into the culture of Singapore, experiencing the history, food, and adventure for yourself, but you’ll also have a chance to view the UNESCO-listed Singapore Botanic Gardens – a beyond romantic setting for any adventurous couple! You either end up spending far too much and not accounting for tiny things like transportation or tips, or you end up way over budgeting and wondering just how competent you were at this to begin with. You’re bound to get a little hungry, right? If you and your partner want to dive deep into what makes Vietnam so special, this 12-day tour is absolutely perfect. My advice is to wait until Hopper says to book and then book via Skyscanner. So, when it comes to Southeast Asia for 3 weeks, a budget of $6,000-$7,000 is perfect for two people, especially while using miles and traveling with a mid-range to a little more luxurious budget. Guys, this is embarrassing. Have you travelled with a significant other? Being in Southeast Asia is a blast for sure, with tropical settings, cheap stuff, so much culture to explore! We wanted the perfect 3-week trip to Southeast Asia, but, as this was our honeymoon, we were not about to stay in hostels with gap year kids or young twenty-somethings taking a soul searching trip and partying all night. You’ll find it in the Cambodian town of Siem Reap, home to the incredible Angkor Wat. These are things we learn to respect. Whether you’re looking for moonlit dinners and romantic walks on pristine beaches, adventurous exploration in ancient ruins and lush jungles, or a little bit of both, Southeast Asia is the ultimate romantic destination. There are also some nicer, sit down places where you can anticipate spending $25 or so for two people for a nice dinner and drinks. We quickly noticed that we were lost, yet this wasn’t an issue. Somewhere off the beaten path, in rural areas, are perfect to follow the flow of locals and spend even less. Many places in Southeast Asia are known for their gorgeous beaches, delicious food, and incredible culture: a romantic paradise! There was no accommodation or rooms available within our budget in the town. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Sometimes people become so comfortable that they don’t feel grateful for the small stuff in life. Most of the meals cost us no more than 3 dollars per person. We are Jimmy and Tah, a mixed traveling couple. This is a great way to plan more of the trip ahead of time, and avoids any embarrassing financial mishaps once you arrive. We flew business class (3 of us) and stayed in Hyatt suites the entire time! It depends on your passport and where you’re going, but for US citizens, you won’t need a visa to visit Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines for less than 30 days. It really depends on your travel style. You’ll find unique food, a buzzing nightlife, and romance around every corner. In my spare time, I enjoy running, listening to podcasts, and taking too many photos of our cat, Professor. Posted by Kat | Feb 13, 2019 | Cambodia, Destinations, Planning Tools, Thailand, Vietnam | 12. And we didn’t get anywhere close. This would have never been possible if we would have followed the plan. Very good insight Ashley! (Those guys are everywhere!). Most shops in Bali charge around $5 a day for a motorbike, but … Or maybe you want one of the more expensive passes to Elephant Nature Park where you go in a smaller group and get an elephant to yourself to walk, feed, and pet for the day. I have learned that patience is something you must have when traveling, especially in Southeast Asia where things seems to be more flexible. What a better way to start your romantic trip than being pampered and refreshed in business class with free champagne? Southeast Asia truly lives up to its inexpensive reputation when it comes to food. This could help save a lot of problems in advance. Chris and I faced the same challenge. You’ll find it in the Cambodian town of Siem Reap, home to the incredible Angkor Wat. For more information read our Affiliate page. So glad you can relate, Your email address will not be published. There are many amazing places to visit and out of many the beach resorts in the southern part of the country is very popular among the tourists.There one can find many beautiful beach resorts which provides top class hospitality. If not for the pain to get there, this would be ranked … You get so wrapped up in it. Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia. #freeyourlifetraveleval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-box-1','ezslot_5',114,'0','0']));report this ad. Step 2: Open the email and click on the confirmation button. Have you traveled to Southeast Asia? Your email address will not be published. Read the full disclosure policy here. Our 18 day Hong Kong/Beijing trip cost us about $3500 out of pocket and that was with a 3 day local guide in HK and a 2 day local guide/driver in Beijing – those were our biggest expense. $9,000 honeymoon. Your email address will not be published. We are so used to being in a rhythm and always having a plan for every step we take. But make sure you explore areas off the beaten path and away from the crush of tourists – some of the most romantic spots are also the busiest spots, and there’s nothing romantic about being squished beside a thousand other tourists! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And who is it that is saying it’s so cheap? The truth is if you’re staying in a hostel dorm, eating only street food, and doing the free tours and super cheap trips offered by said hostels meant for backpackers… you’ll probably only be spending like $30-40 a day. There are some countries where you won’t need a visa. ), The Perfect 3 Day Cape Town Itinerary (With a Free Map! We are traveling more for less using money-saving skills, miles and points, and splurging when it feels right! That is all flights, hotels, transportation, insurance, food, drinks, souvenirs, visas… everything. I’d say that $50-70 a day for two people on entertainment should cover most of what you’ll be doing. We went in November, during shoulder season, but if you came during the rainy season (no, it doesn’t rain all the time), you’ll definitely get much better pricing on hotels! If you plan to travel Southeast Asia in the future make sure you check out our FREE travel checklist for all the top destinations. It is cheap once you’re there which is awesome! The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Honeymoon in Tennessee, A Stay at the Peech Boutique Hotel Johannesburg, The 8 Best Breweries in Cincinnati You Need to Visit (By a Local! Was it much more expensive or much less? Here, you’ll find world-class snorkelling and diving, lively bars, and serene, private beaches. See Also: 10 Romantic, Budget-Friendly Vacations for Couples. Before we can start sending you tips, we need to confirm your email address so that we know that you are not a robot. Thanks for sharing such an amazing & informative blog which will surely be a big help to those travelling to the vietnam. However, when you’re traveling to Southeast Asia as a couple, sometimes you want a little luxury. Save this image to your Asia Pinterest board for later. This tour of Cambodia combines the best of all worlds: you’ll explore ancient temples, learn about Cambodia’s complicated history, and become immersed in the country’s culture, but you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to relax, wander through bustling markets, or party the night away, if that’s your style. After cancelling our plans we hopped on the first bus to El Nido, as we found out it is cheaper that way. But the range is wide, and can go as low as a couple of dollars a night in some locations to luxury options for those with more outsized travel budgets. Required fields are marked *. I really love the pictures of the structures and beach. Your pictures are great, especially because I am not sure I will ever get to SE Asia. You also may want to be super bougie and spend even more on 5-star hotels at every destination, private, guided tours, and even more add-ons that could soar the cost upwards of $10,000-12,000. Everyone has a unique set of skills that can translate to planning an incredible trip, so use it to your advantage! Thanks for sharing such an amazing & informative blog which will surely be a big help to those travelling to the vietnam. Expect to have a good time on your trip, but don’t expect for everything to go perfectly. This is when we noticed we could live here. Bloating or other tummy troubles, I can’t guarantee. I highly recommend getting travel insurance for your trip to cover unexpected hospital visits if someone gets sick or injured, trip cancellation or interruption, baggage loss, and any other incident you’re hoping will never happen. Moreover, that’s where we truly see the local life; see how they do not have miscellaneous extravagant stuff, yet still enjoy life and be happy. Me and my fiance is about to be married next month and would start planning more on this ‘honeymoon’ thing. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'highlands2hammocks_co_uk-box-3','ezslot_1',110,'0','0'])); One of our favorite ways to maintain our budget lifestyle while traveling, is to travel somewhere not touristy, as that is the place where prices tend to be as local as possible. That’s incredible! If you don’t know where to begin choosing accommodation, determine your budget, then read our suggestions at the end of the articles linked above, or visit sites like Travel Fish for reviews of accommodation in your price range. Travel insurance is no joke. I am always amazed by those backpackers who live so cheaply in SE Asia! Explore the ancient temple complex that Cambodia is so proud of, and then relax in the bustling, changing downtown. Subscribe for exclusive content plus our 15-page ultimate trip planning guide to plan the perfect getaway every time! It’s super easy to do, just follow these steps: Step 1: Go to your inbox and look for an email from us with the title “RESPONSE REQUIRED: Confirm your email to get exclusive content from World Wide Honeymoon!”. Follow along on this couple’s round the world trip and get inspired to make every day a wonderful adventure.