Besides the chanting lessons directly with the teacher, you can listen and watch recordings from the live Veda classes we teach weekly in Brussels. It is an ancient Indian method of treatment that gives instantaneous results up on every disease. Being the Managing Director of Magnum Furniture (P) Ltd, and the Board Member of various other companies, provided employment for a number of people. Here, you can find the precautions and curing techniques of some diseases that are generally seen among the common mass. Among the most obvious connections of the Vedic Yoga with classical Yoga can be found in the Yamas and Niyamas, the yogic principles and life-style practices that constitute the first two of the eight limbs of Yoga, and the three aspects of Kriya Yoga. Socio-Sensuous     —–   Yama & Niyama                   (Recreation). Served as the Area Joint Secretary of Purogamana Kala Sahithya Sankham. This way, you can practice your Veda chanting as if you were with us and observe some best practices and how to overcome common mistakes made by students. Highly Certified Instructor. INDIA-688544 2. And again blessed with the opertunity to avail a noble Certificate from His Holiness Pegaver Madathipthi at the age of 13. We start training of Asanas from the basic level to the Advanced level , giving importence to Bandhas , Mudras and Kriyas. We teach Yogic Asanas (Postures), Pranayama and the method of Dhyanam (Mediation) along with the Philosophy behind each and every part of yoga. Abdul Kalam appreciated its English version ‘The Answer’ as a beautiful amalgamation of ancient Vedic visions and the modern science. Vice-Chancellor of the Sanskrit University, Dr. Dilipkumar. constitutional measures and individualised disease treatment plans.” ~ Dr David Frawley, renowned Yoga Teacher and Vedic scholar Vedic Health Yoga developed a number of yoga educational videos to demonstrate Hatha Yoga postures and breathing practices so you can learn how to practice safely and correctly. The authentic and scientific method of presentation enables the readers to create an infallible pattern of analysis within. These Vedic mantras were utilized in yagas and yajnas (ritual sacrifices and ceremonies) for promoting the well being of individuals, society and the world. As the oldest texts in any Indo-European language, it’s astounding that within these works the foundations of yoga are established, with yoga being defined as "yoking" and as a "discipline." 8005 Zurich. Yoga is much more than the practice of postures. And that you should have easy access to good quality teachings on a day-to day basis for long term study. To maintain the rigor of the study you can submit a recording and receive comprehensive feedback so that you can keep improving your practice. Tel: +41-765301508 e-mail: This is a very precious text giving a complete knowledge about yoga-sastra; and, making everybody alert against slipping down to the false tracks by the modern trends of unethical marketing techniques. (Available in the stores of NBS and Google Play- Search for Acharyasree), Birmensdorferstrasse 427, The Advanced level of Asana training includes certain technics of traditional martial art of Kerala Kalari for  more flexibility. Yamas and Niyamas. look to Ayurveda in order to learn how to integrate yogic practices into . Vedic Yoga practice is an intellectual and spiritual sadhana designed by H.H.AcharyaSree, Collecting precious gems of Knowledge seen scattered under the vast ocean of ancient vedic scriptures. At Veda Studies, we believe that you should not always have to invest in travel and time spent in India to study. Presented a paper on ‘The Origin Of Universe’, titled ‘Aham’ before the 11th Science Congress held at Peechi Forest Research Institute, which reveals the answer to many confusions regarding. Being in advisory committees of many charitable societies devotes a great deal of time for various charitable activities. Being an Acharya, propagating Sanskrit-speaking and provaides training for yoga and meditation all over the world. Preparing texts on Trinity and Dasavathara concepts and another one on Yoga for Modern Age. The Hon. Vedic Yoga practice is an intellectual and spiritual sadhana designedby H.H.AcharyaSree, Collecting precious gems of Knowledge seen  scattered under the vast ocean of ancient vedic scriptures. Purify the internal body. Our members are not trained in Western medical diagnosis or treatments, are not physicians, nor licensed health care professionals. Made almost all dailies in Malayalam including the Mathrubumi, Malayala Manorama, Desabhimani, etc, to spent about half a page in each for publishing features with relevant photographs of Person and pursuit. Vice-Chancellor of Cochin University of Science and Technology Dr. Babu Joseph admired the same stating that it should be a ‘must-read’ for anyone seeking a compromise between science and perennial philosophy. Had been elected unanimously and repeatedly as the Secretary of Sargavedi, the wing for art and literature of both the colleges through which completed the studies. Performed by our very own yogis and yoginis. Conducting motivation classes throughout the Nation helping the people to escape from mental tensions and physical ailments. Other aspects involve our growth in terms of living intelligently with a deeper understanding of universal laws, developing focus, memory, discernment, will-power, gratitude and self-confidence among other qualities.. Later, when it is developed into a book form; The Hon. It has a proven record from the time immemorial on providing relief from common diseases such as Chronic headache, Blood pressure, Sleeping problem, Back pain, Joint pains, Muscle contractions, Sexual problems etc, YogaamflussHardturmstrasse 68A8005 Zürich, Consultation fees : 65 CHF for 30 minutes. Engaged in research on the symbolic representations seen in the Epics and Mythologies. Vedic Health Inc | 50 W Edmonston Dr, Suite 405, Rockville, MD 20852 | 240-753-0151. Each course comes with video introductions and explanations, audio lessons for chanting and downloadable text for meaning so that you can learn using the medium that works best for you. It is aimed as the ultimate goal of human enlightenment. The co-operative method incorporated in the field of vegetable cultivation, fetched fame and admiration to such a level that colourful features on this event got published in periodicals like Kerala Karshakan. (Available in the stalls and stores of ‘Sharon Books’). --Swami Chinmayananda. Other aspects involve our growth in terms of living intelligently with a deeper understanding of universal laws, developing focus, memory, discernment, will-power, gratitude and self-confidence among other qualities. We offer affordable yoga and meditation classes in authentic Hatha Yoga style, and free yoga education in Maryland. Deepen your Yoga practice by connecting with the source teachings of Veda. Being spiritual Director, motivating many groups to take up the activities of social welfare. Serve." Performed by our very own yogis and yoginis.