DedSec operative Dalton Wolfe goes to defuse the bombs and discovers the intruders to be members of a rogue hacker group called "Zero Day". Legion was released on October 29, 2020 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia, and is due for release in November as a launch title for the Xbox Series X/S, the PlayStation 5, and Amazon Luna. Watch Dogs: Legion is also coming to next-gen consoles this year, with free upgrades from current-gen machines. Watch Dogs: Legion is a 2020 action-adventure game published by Ubisoft and developed by its Toronto studio. To prevent this, Bagley willingly agrees to be shut down. Some recruits may not join if either they favour those that oppose them (such as a hostile faction), if the player has a character in their roster whom they hate or if DedSec did something to harm another NPC they have good relations with. 3 results . Any character that can be recruited, can be killed during a playthrough by criminal gangs or law enforcement, and thus be permanently removed from the player's roster of playable characters, provided the player has the permadeath option enabled; if not, the character is merely arrested, and can be simply rescued by another operative. [15][16][17] By July 2020, they announced during their "Ubisoft Forward" event, that the game would released on 29 October 2020, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Stadia. Hocking stated that they had come onto the idea of this setting around a year and a half before the actual Brexit vote in 2016, and that while the game does involve Brexit, the intent was not to try to debate the nature of Brexit, but to show and debate elements already existing in the world today that lead to events such as Brexit. Buy your favorite video games online from the official Ubisoft Store in the United States of America. We're sorry, no products were found for your search: Check the spelling carefully. $119.99. From $99.99. AR and VR systems are commonplace across the city, with an increase in drones and electric cars, and the introduction of driverless cars, much of which is enhanced through the use of ctOS (central Operating System) ─ the centralized computer network developed by technology company Blume, featured in both Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2. Sometimes a more general term will bring you to similar products. Fearful of Cass' reprisal against those who will attempt to arrest him, DedSec are forced to eliminate him. on October 28, 2020 at 12:48PM PDT. [11][22], Ubisoft announced that a post-launch update on December 3 would add multiplayer to the game. In addition, organised crime is on the rise, despite Albion's presence. Ubisoft has also begun promoting its latest open-world sandbox with a cheeky hack of its games on the Xbox Store, placing the iconic DedSec pig mask on characters in various box art covers. In the wake of the bombings, the British government contract Albion with restoring order to London and hunting down DedSec, who are held responsible for the chaos, effectively causing social and political unrest amongst the city's inhabitants. [26], VG247's Lauren Aitken was critical of the background of the game's story and the repetitive nature of missions, noting how their structure remains the same even when the "difficulty suddenly ramps up after the 404 and Skye Larson storylines", while pointing out that each mission strand's storyline was relatively "short". Darryn Bonthuys Since the events of Watch Dogs 2, technology has vastly changed as a result of an acceleration of automation and artificial intelligence (AI), which has effectively improved Britain's economy at the cost of many blue and white collar jobs, with the British Pound having been overtaken by cryptocurrencies. Together we will accomplish your mission. Watch Dogs: Legion releases on Thursday, October 29, and if you're planning to hack the streets of London as the newest members of DedSec, there's some good news: You'll be able to download the game ahead of its digital launch. Unlike previous games in the series, Legion features the ability to use multiple characters during a playthrough, each of whom can be recruited from around the game's setting. One or two words are enough. [21], In January 2020, BBC reporter Marc Cieslak conducted an interview with Hocking about the game for Click, which, in a world's first, involved using the studio's motion capture software to allow it to take place within the virtual setting of the game. [5] Operatives can gain experience when used by the player, which allows them to gain additional skills and abilities to improve them, with the player able to provide additional upgrades for all character by spending "tech points" - a collectible scattered around the city, which can be spent on weapon and gadget upgrades. Those recruited become operatives that the player can freely switch to at any time, as well as customize with different clothing options,[5] with each recruit-able character maintaining their own lifestyle and occupation when not active (i.e. The game also features a competitive multiplayer mode named "Spiderbot Arena" in which players assumes control of a gadget named spiderbot and compete against each other in free for all matches.[7]. [36], The PlayStation 4 version of Watch Dogs: Legion sold 40,962 physical copies within its first week on sale in Japan, making it the fourth bestselling retail game of the week in the country.[38]. Players can be pursued by enemies when escaping, including hostile drones, but can lose them by utilizing hack-able environmental objects (i.e.