Asus RT-AX82U vs. Netgear XR1000: Is It Just a Matter of Ping vs. Bling? Le WD_Black P10 est un disque dur qui offre un look original, un encombrement réduit et des performances qui, si elles ne sont pas les meilleures de sa catégorie, restent réellement très bonnes. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. The Black P10 does help to mitigate those fears a bit with its rugged-looking design and tough metal exterior, but when WD makes no mention of whether it’s got any kind of shock or drop resistance, for example (either on the box, its product page or its specs sheet), I wouldn’t be surprised if part of its shipping container-esque looks is largely for show. It’s quite understandable since game consoles generally don’t have a mechanism to open an encrypted drive. Looks rugged and have pay for that of course. But if you have those that only have USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports — like those Macbooks — the WD Black P10 is not for you. (tip: using cristaldiskinfo, you can get this information. Do you find in your experience there’s a break-in timepoint where one can fully accept it’s status as a stable back-up? Avec le WD_Black P10, Western Digital propose un disque dur destiné aux gamers qu'ils soient sur consoles ou sur un PC. To test this, I used AS SSD’s copy benchmark. The Black P10, on the other hand, measures just 118mm long and 88mm wide, and varies between 13mm and 21mm thick depending on the size capacity. Toutes les informations importantes sont disponibles d'un seul coup d'œil (vitesse max, compatibilité, contenu de la boîte, etc.) SSDs don’t have any moving parts like HDDs do, so there’s much less that can go wrong if you happen to drop it, bash it against your desk, or are just generally a bit rough with it when you’re transporting it from A to B. There’s no bundled software, and there’s none needed to make it work. On top, it has a small white indicator light that pulses to show data activities. | *2-Month trial offer of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Les commentaires sont la propriété respective de ceux qui les postent. All you have to do is plug the drive into your system’s USB port. In each case, it came in at roughly half the speed of the Samsung T5 and WD My Passport, both of which managed around 320MB/s for the ISO, 150MB/s for the program folder and 260MB/s in the game section. Its a top-tier external HDD in capacities up to 5TB, built specifically for gamers looking to expand the potential of their console or PC by saving their game library in an on-the-go form factor. Du côté des performances, avec ses 5 400 t/min, le WD_Black P10 est vendu avec comme argument une vitesse théorique de 140 Mo/s. Available for a limited time. Rock Paper Shotgun and RPS are registered trade marks of ReedPop Limited. I also tried it with my Xbox One and games stored on it loaded about as fast as those stored on the console’s internal drive. Q/ Is possible to use it as PS4 HDD and also keep using it for PC whenever i need to. Yes, you can use Bitlocker To Go with it. I might have to carry it in a case, y’know. We have big games like spider man, god of war and some latest games as well. Please report by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl Enter Thank you! If you want your game to load fast, you need to invest in the P50 which will make a huge difference. Mémoire mobile pour votre collection de jeuxLe lecteur de jeu WD_BLACK™ P10 est l'accessoire idéal qui vous donne encore plus de flexibilité dans l'utilisation de votre console ou de votre PC. It’s also a heck of a lot easier to use than older external HDDs as well. I tested the 5TB version, which is the highest capacity but slightly slower than the 2TB version, and was still quite happy with its performance. The 2TB model also weighs a mere 140g, while the 4TB and 5TB models come in at just 230g. Do you have a clue what the difference is? Sobre, mais moderne, la boîte se remarque dans les rayons et donne envie de la prendre en mains. Amazon currently has these on sale for $94. Black Friday I do worry about how much it heats up, to be honest – so it goes with a non-fan HD! Anywho, thanks so much for your reviews Dong! It’s a 5400 RPM drive, model WDC WD50NMZW-59LG6S1. Also, WD promises that it’s built to last. The WD Black P10 Game Drive gives your console or PC the performance-enhancing tools it needs to keep your competitive edge. It’s a top-tier external HDD in available in capacities up to 5TB, built specifically for gamers looking to expand the potential of their console or PC by saving their game library in an on-the-go form factor. See product packaging for full details **Based on read speed and internal testing. At that price, it’s a literal steal. The WD Black P10 is the first in a series of Game Drives that WD announced earlier this month. Pour autant, l'objet est vraiment très joli et saura séduire qui a envie d'un peu d'originalité. Here, the Black P10 managed 112.5MB/s for the ISO, 82.4MB/s for the program folder and 107.3MB/s in the game test. This involves transferring three different file types from the OS onto the drive – an ISO folder comprising of two large files, a programs folder with lots of little files, and finally a game folder that’s made up of both big and small files. As best I can tell it’s a Gamepass subscription. ❤️. I want to use it for ps4. Does this drive require\install the (annoying) WD-SES driver? Many new portable drives are like that in the past few years, Matt, so they can be more flexible in their physical design. Just saw the 4tb one go for $99 + $5 off on NewEgg, was curious what drive was inside to see if maybe I can toss it into my laptop. Dong Ngos everything he doesn’t need your tips! But the P10 is also a statement. I heard it is 5400 rpm and not that fast compared to 7200 rpm. The wd_black P10 game Drive gives your console or PC The Performance-Enhancing tools It needs to keep your competitive edge. External drives should share power statuses with the host. Best PC games Admittedly, WD claim the Black P10 can only manage speeds of up to 130MB/s, which is a long way off both the 5Gbit/s (or around 625MB/s) that its USB 3.2 Gen 1 cable can technically accommodate and the 500MB-odd per second speeds offered by its external SSD rivals. Tagged with feature, Hardware, HDD, SSDs, Western Digital. 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READ NOW: WD Turns Flagship My Passport SSD Portable Drive Colorful for 2020. Lors de nos essais, nous l'avons soumis à ATTO Disk Benchmark et les résultats sont plutôt bons, avec une vitesse médiane constatée de 124,27 Mo/s en écriture et 128,16 Mo/s en lecture, le plaçant dans la moyenne de sa catégorie. WDBA5G0050BBK-WESN. Western Digital Now Paints Gaming Seriously WD_BLACK, WD My Passport Refreshed: Thinner yet More Capacious, iStorage datAshur PRO2 Review: A Tough Little Data Vault. Please enable Javascript to view comments. For one, as the name suggests, it comes in complete black with a metal casing that dubs as passive cooling. Go have a lie down, Internet. I’m not sure which model it is but it’s not a standard that you can use inside a laptop, Andrew. It feels solid and looks professional. It gets a thumbs up from me. I think the storage space is worth the price, Usha. I own a now quite elderly WD MyBook Studio, for example, and not only is that absolutely enormous compared to the diddy dimensions of the Black P10, but it also needs to be plugged in and its USB standard is so, so slooooow. Excellent and helpful review, honestly the most complete i found! Yes, it might take twice as long to copy those files as its external SSD rivals, but when you factor in how much less you’re actually paying for the Black P10 compared to either of those drives, I think I’d be all right twiddling my thumbs for a bit. I intend this to be formatted NTFS for use with Windows and\or a backup drive for a Synolgy NAS. The portable drive is fast in my testing and its rugged, cool-looking design is a boon for any user. On the downside, the new portable drive is quite expensive, costing some 50 percent more than others, including those from WD, of the same capacities. Trust me, RPS vid bud Matthew has broken so many external HDDs going to and from work over the years that our house could almost double up as a HDD graveyard. Its design might not be to everyone’s tastes, but as long as you don’t mind plonking a small corrugated black box on top of your PC (for its cable is only a shorty), then by all means knock yourself out. WD_Black P10 - Disque dur pour gamer de Western Digital, Le classement des actualités les plus lues. Glad you got a good deal on it. Yes, its read and write times are a heck of a lot slower, but when it comes to value for money, WD’s Black P10 really does have it nailed. I wonder if the 3v SATA power pin needs to be covered in order to work like a standard 3.5″ shucked drive. Plus, it can just be plugged into your PC via its USB 3.2 Gen 1 cable, no plug socket required. I’m not 100% certain it is a metal housing though, but if so, its super-thin like ductwork sheet metal! The 5TB WD Black P10 external gaming hard drive … WDBA3A0050BBK-WESN 5 tb gaming drive is $110 today. Is the speed worth the price? C [...] Rester connecté Se connecter Pas encore inscrit? Find more information here. So what do you recommend for external drive for Xbox? Thanks, Mike. Could you not use Bitlocker or Truecrypt (if you want to risk it) to encrypt the drive?