Most people want to be able to find the middle ground in romantic conflicts. Inspiring Morning Routines for INTPs, ENTPs, INTJs, and ENTJs – Psychology Junkie. ENTJs are usually fascinated and sucked in by the deepness of knowledge and understanding the INTPs have. Today we’re going to talk about 10 things that bring an INTP joy. [MBTItm] What do ENTJs think of INFPs? ENTJs and INTPs are Thinking, Intuitive personalities; they both like to focus on the future and tend to make well-thought-out decisions. Remember, just tell them that you think highly of them. One of my closest friends is an INTP. INTPs, however, are walking databases for a host of subjects. I can understand this to a point, as ENTJs seem to desire a leadership position naturally, while INTPs … This will accomplish two things: 1. Anyway, if you found this video to be educational or helpful, please leave a like or subscribe. It validates who I am and why I do and think what I do. They are the type second most likely to be agnostic and the third most likely to be atheistic. Now that we’ve sufficiently talked up these ambitious go-getters, let’s get into all the things that bother the hell out of ENTJs. 6 Things ENTJs Do in Their Relationships That Are Unexpectedly Sweet. She thinks I’m rough around the edges and too quick to act. If you have any questions relating to ENTJs, by all means, leave them in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer. Don't hold back, be brutally honest, but stay on-topic. INTPs are logical thinkers and should be appreciated for their balanced mindset. But, 72.7% of INTPs do believe in a higher spiritual power whether that comes in the form of traditional orthodoxy or a general spirituality. March 22, 2020, 10:49 pm. ENTJs do however, care about planning for things and always want to be prepared for the future and potential mistakes which could happen along the way. With ENTJs having such an organizational keenness, I would find it extremely annoying to get bossed around and directed all the time. -Do you think that INTPs and INTJs generally get along? Don't mess with an INFP's inner Chewbacca! via giphy. The most important part about our relationship is that, at the end of the day, we both are open and receptive to one another. ENTJs often appear fearless to others, because that is their intention. Insanity . INTPs do however, understand that routine can be a very helpful tool for getting things done. INTPs tend to be highly logical and efficient thinkers. Plan things for them. There seems to be a bit of a rivalry. If they aren’t curious about something they are rarely interested in pursuing it. However, INTPs prefer to avoid schedules and spend much of their time alone, while ENTJs are people-oriented and organized. The feeling is not always mutual.