NPR was incorporated in February 1970 under the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967; its television counterpart, PBS, was created by the same legislation. [437][438] Aside from the Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Native Alaskan populations, nearly all Americans or their ancestors immigrated within the past five centuries. This further expanded acreage under mechanical cultivation, increasing surpluses for international markets. [67] With extremely high birth rates, low death rates, and steady settlement, the colonial population grew rapidly, eclipsing Native American populations. [30][31][32] The Clovis culture, which appeared around 11,000 BC, is believed to represent the first wave of human settlement of the Americas. Rock bands such as Metallica, the Eagles, and Aerosmith are among the highest grossing in worldwide sales. Toys "R" Us is an international toy, clothing, and baby product retailer owned by Tru Kids, Inc. (d.b.a. [266], Of Americans 25 and older, 84.6% graduated from high school, 52.6% attended some college, 27.2% earned a bachelor's degree, and 9.6% earned graduate degrees. ", "The World's Technological Capacity to Store, Communicate, and Compute Information", "Americas events- Video animation on The World's Technological Capacity to Store, Communicate, and Compute Information from 1986 to 2010", Computing Curricula 2005: The Overview Report (pdf), "Our programmes, campaigns and partnerships", "U.S. Careers in the growing field of information technology services : Beyond the Numbers: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics", Southern Innovator Magazine Issue 1: Mobile Phones and Information Technology, The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood,, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from September 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Breaches of copyright by those downloading files stored without the permission of the copyright holders, Employers monitoring their employees' emails and other Internet usage. Wikipedia e @Wikipedia Following Psst...send us a gif and we'll tell you a fact about it.Y 1:34 PM 16 Aug 2018 22 Retweets 89 Likes Tweet your reply Pete Jones @PETE MF JONES 3h Replying to @Wikipedia GIF Wikipedia@Wikipedia 2h How did you even find this? [7] Because the list of examples is so long, it is divided into sublists based on subject matter. The number of administrators continues to shrink. [153], Originating within U.S. military defense networks, the Internet spread to international academic platforms and then to the public in the 1990s, greatly affecting the global economy, society, and culture. [229] However, the WMF, its Board, and Staff disavow any accountability for the Wikipedia encyclopedia.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wikipedia donors feel entitled to more than a mug or a tote bag,,,, This, for example ("Controversies"), where an editor did not know it was already in the article. I didn't know I'd have to write a description. [10][11], Below is a growing list of around 300 examples of liberal bias, deceit, edits stemming from corrupting conflicts of interest, frivolous gossip, and blatant errors on Wikipedia. IEA Key World Energy Statistics Statistics, third- or fourth-largest country by total area, vigorously expanding across North America, conquering and displacing Native Americans, European colonial territories in North America, United States Declaration of Independence, Territorial evolution of the United States, Territorial acquisitions of the United States, Technological and industrial history of the United States, History of the United States (2008–present), Environmental issues in the United States, third- or fourth-largest nation by total area, List of United States cities by population, Language Spoken at Home in the United States of America, List of endangered languages in the United States, List of states and territories of the United States, Political ideologies in the United States, deployments greater than 100 active duty personnel, Human rights in the United States § Justice system, List of companies of the United States by state, List of largest companies in the United States by revenue, Science and technology in the United States, first sustained and controlled heavier-than-air powered flight, United States counties by per capita income, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, greenhouse gas emissions by the United States, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, "U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: United States", "State Area Measurements and Internal Point Coordinates", Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, "Annual Estimates of the Resident Population: April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2016", "World Economic Outlook Database, October 2020", "Income inequality in America is the highest it's been since Census Bureau started tracking it, data shows", Common Core Document to U.N. Committee on Human Rights, U.S. Insular Areas: application of the U.S. Constitution, BBC, April 2008: Country Profile: United States of America, "The top 20 countries for scientific output", "Amerigo Vespucci: Facts, Biography & Naming of America", "St. Augustine Florida, The Nation's Oldest City", "The new book 'The Other Slavery' will make you rethink American history", The Cambridge encyclopedia of human paleopathology, "Revealing the history of genocide against California's Native Americans", "Pearl Harbor and America's Entry into World War II: A Documentary History", "George C. Marshall and the "Europe-First" Strategy, 1939–1951: A Study in Diplomatic as well as Military History", "The Four Policemen and. Cities Established [upper-alpha 1] Population [upper-alpha 2] Total area Land area Water area Number of Reps. Capital Largest mi 2 km 2 mi 2 km 2 mi 2 km 2 Alabama: AL … No worthwhile encyclopedia in existence has an article on zoophilia/bestiality with an entire section on "arguments for zoophilia" plus pictures depicting zoophilia. In the visual arts, the Hudson River School was a mid-19th-century movement in the tradition of European naturalism. This useful conceptual term has since been converted to what purports to be of great use, but without the reinforcement of definition ... the term IT lacks substance when applied to the name of any function, discipline, or position. [218], As of 2018[update], 52% of Americans age 15 and over were married, 6% were widowed, 10% were divorced, and 32% had never been married. GDP. The "red states" of the South and parts of the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains are relatively conservative. ", "American Samoa and the Citizenship Clause: A Study in Insular Cases Revisionism", "Federal judge rules American Samoans are US citizens by birth", "Judge puts citizenship ruling for American Samoans on hold", "Donald Trump Is Elected President in Stunning Repudiation of the Establishment", Office of the Clerk of the United States House of Representatives, "Taiwan: Major U.S. Arms Sales Since 1990", "Taiwan's Force Modernization: The American Side", "New Zealand: Background and Bilateral Relations with the United States", "The Republic of the Philippines and U.S. Mark Twain and poet Walt Whitman were major figures in the century's second half; Emily Dickinson, virtually unknown during her lifetime, is now recognized as an essential American poet. [328], In 2010 taxes collected by federal, state and municipal governments amounted to 24.8% of GDP. [345] Defense spending plays a major role in science and technology investment, with roughly half of U.S. federal research and development funded by the Department of Defense. The District of Columbia and the five major U.S. territories each have one member of Congress—these members are not allowed to vote. [154] Due to the dot-com boom, stable monetary policy, and reduced social welfare spending, the 1990s saw the longest economic expansion in modern U.S. Americans had developed an ideology of "republicanism", asserting that government rested on the will of the people as expressed in their local legislatures. The United States emerged from the thirteen British colonies established along the East Coast. Wikipedia is sympathetic to Fidel Castro in its entry about Cuba. "[38], Companies in the information technology field are often discussed as a group as the "tech sector" or the "tech industry".[39][40][41]. 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