Using a high quality pillow that will last you longer is a more eco-friendly and less wasteful option, vs. throwing cheaper pillows away every year. Some down alternative pillows feel more “down-like” while others are closer to the cheaper polyfill options. This can be true with unwashed down or feather fill. The White Company accepts returns of unopened pillows during the first 30 days after delivery. Down or Down-feather: This fill material is all natural and compostable, in addition to the cotton shells in which it’s usually placed. As feathers settle, they tend to lay flatter on top of each other, which often causes feather pillows to compress down and compact as the night goes on. The pillow’s two inserts are also made up of the memory foam and down alternative blend. Although all are soft and fluffy, each of these fill materials feel quite distinct. For more detailed information, keep reading. Feels squishable and supple (with the puffs of fill slightly “sliding” within the shell like silk), but has more substantive denseness. In our experience, these branded down alternative materials feel nice, but do not provide enough of a difference to be worth the added expense. Understanding the primary factors that influence pillow performance is key to knowing what attributes to look for. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. The answer might lie in a down alternative pillow. King-size pillows are typically the longest pillows available. Most down alternative pillows offer a medium level of support, which should be sufficient for most sleepers, but may cause neck strain in those who require closer contouring or a firmer surface. The following is a quick summary of how down, down-feather and down alternative pillows stack up. This can be true with unwashed down or feather fill. As they’re made of fluffy synthetic fibers, most down alternative pillows have a low-to-medium loft and a fairly soft feel. They’re also a good option for people who like sleeping right up to the edge of their pillow. Love the soft, fluffy feel of a traditional down pillow, but not so fond of the allergies it provokes or the fact it’s made from animal products? Queen-size pillows are slightly longer than Super Standard pillows, and are often a good option for people who toss and turn or move their head while they sleep. Slumbr evaluated over 250+ pillow options and tested the best with real sleepers to offer something for every sleep style. These differences give the pillows varying heights, and alters the amount of give and squish that you feel. Primaloft is a great down alternative for sleepers who are allergy prone or prefer to avoid animal products. Both down and feathers are natural fills that come from waterfowl (geese and ducks). According to this enthusiastic reviewer, the fill is beyond convincing in how it replicates the feel of regular down pillow: "The alternative down used in these pillows is like magic.