He adores cats if they run away, otherwise he ignores them to the best of his ability. I feel I’m doing good in the world. “I’ll be there Wednesday,” she said. His best-selling books and three hit movies—including the latest, A Dog’s Journey—portray the dog–human bond with humor and poignancy. +Biography. We spent a lot of time searching for rattlesnakes to bring home to his cat, so maybe it's also accurate to say that Billy trained us. I became concerned with falling, and having already experienced my quota of pain for the day, decided I'd rather cling miserably to thin tree limbs and weave in the wind than drop heavily out of the sky — because as I considered the height from which I would plummet and all the branches I'd hit on the way down, I knew there was almost no way I could be assured of landing on Billy. It’s a pretty good trick. “No thanks,” they told her. “I think this is Tucker’s first trip,” Cameron said. Billy accused angrily. And as soon as she put a golden ball of fluff in their arms, Tucker was theirs. In A Dog’s Way Home, you and your wife insisted that the dog star be a rescue. Though the loss was months old, the pain felt fresh. She is sweet, loving, and motivated to work—human actors aren’t always as cooperative! Subscribe to All Creatures magazine. Lured by luxury deals, here's where diehard New Yorkers are moving, Look out below: Horrifying pic shows snake eel burst out of bird's stomach in midair, Walmart’s best early Black Friday deals to shop right now, Uniqlo launches long-anticipated collaboration with Jil Sander, Pharrell is getting ready to school you on racism and social justice, The 37 cutest face masks available online for covering up in style, 25 best early Black Friday 2020 deals you can already shop, 'Southern Charm' star Madison LeCroy shows off results of breast enhancement surgery. And, from that point on, when people ask me how I feel about cats, my answer is simple. Because a dog is like a child in so many ways—a child who doesn’t talk back. She turned to me and said, “I will never have another dog.” I was just starting to get serious about Cathryn, but the whole no-dog thing was a deal breaker for me. —John Temple, Editor & President Rocky Mountain News "Dave Barry better get new shoes because W. Bruce Cameron is nipping at his heels." Something compelled him to stop and pet him. “The way he looked at me and wagged [his] tail reminded me of Cammie,” he said. We ran toward each other like twins separated at birth. "Don't drop her!" Chances are, if the face of an adorable dog on a book cover or a movie poster has made you smile, W. Bruce Cameron is the man to thank. Eventually we reached an unspoken compromise: Brenda would leap gracefully away from me and dance lightly from limb to limb until she was on the ground, and I would hang in the tree and bleed. It’s possibly the most intriguing and exciting of any of the books! Find out more about W. Bruce Cameron’s books and films at wbrucecameron.com. Chances are, if the face of an adorable dog on a book cover or a movie poster has made you smile, W. Bruce Cameron is the man to thank. W. Bruce Cameron Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family William Bruce Cameron (born 1960 in Petoskey, Michigan) is an American humor columnist. "W. Bruce Cameron is the Dave Barry of modern family life." I was trying to push Brenda away from me, and Brenda, it seemed, was digging for kidneys. Earlier this year the movie adaptation of A Dog’s Journey came out. Bruce Cameron has been making Funny Times subscribers laugh since way back in January 2009. Your Ad Choices ... Mrs. Reid, was a widow who owned four cats, which my father said was evidence she wasn't interested in ever getting married again. So he started telling her a story. Suddenly, Michon began to cry. Bruce Cameron’ Talks His New Book A Dog’s Perfect Christmas RedCarpetCrash October 23, 2020 2020-10-23T12:16:55-05:00 2020-10-23T12:16:55-05:00 I’ve always loved dogs, which puts me in a unique category along with what, maybe two or three billion people? His most recent dog at the time was in Colorado with his ex-wife and kids, and he hoped one day to have another. I was driving up the coast of California with a woman, Cathryn, who had recently lost her dog. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! That dog, Cammie, was my favorite creature on the planet from that moment on. The notion that our friends might come back to us—if we only know where to look—has helped many people cope with their loss. Dogs love us, depend on us, look to us for guidance and help. It's not that I don't like cats, it's that cats don't like me. To write Bruce Cameron, visit his Website at www.wbrucecameron.com. Prepare to weep. I’m hoping people will realize that love is a search and that those who love us the most will always try to track us down. This story has been shared 222,059 times. Our neighbor, Mrs. Reid, was a widow who owned four cats, which my father said was evidence she wasn't interested in ever getting married again. Underneath my T-shirt I was wearing my skin. How did the story for your first dog book, A Dog’s Purpose, come about? It turns out that climbing down out of a tree is more difficult than climbing up, especially when your skin is shredded. W. Bruce Cameron was born in Petoskey, Mich., and for a long time it looked like that would be his most impressive life accomplishment. The prolific author, producer and screenwriter gives new meaning to the term dog lover: His marriage, career, life philosophy and technique for getting to know the neighbors all center around a passion for pups. I tried to get her to calm down but was hampered by all my screaming. I was pretty sure that once I saved her cat, I would be a shoo-in for the empty-boyfriend slot, though what I thought might happen after that wasn't clear. W. Bruce Cameron was born in Petoskey. And it’s undeniable—Shelby, the star of A Dog’s Way Home, was living in a junkyard when animal control picked her up. Brenda didn't look very distressed up there in the treetops until she spotted me unsteadily making my way toward her. Creators.com requires Javascript for full functionality. After all, they lived in a high-rise and traveled a lot. We decided to find out. No, Billy, but when I get on the ground I'm going to kill you. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. February 12, 2010 5 min read. Shop Now, Follow the Guideposts special series, Overcoming Addiction Visit Now. He very much informed the character of Jake, the dog in my Repo Madness series. “A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans” by W. Bruce Cameron (Forge Books). “It came to my head as an entire piece, as if I’d downloaded it off the Internet into my brain,” he said.