Handcrafted in Germany, this is the magnetic rolling knife sharpener that quickly and easily produces the razor-sharp cutting edge preferred by butchers and chefs. The 46μm grit size makes an optimal sharpening result possible and … The HORL® Diamond Standard is the ideal surface for efficiently grinding all knife steels of any hardness degree without water. Sharpen knives simply and professionally - with the roll grinder from HORL. The classic version with sharpening … Every knife, no matter how high-grade, eventually loses its sharpness in use and needs to be reground. The magnetic angle support securely holds an inverted knife … As compared with other knife sharpeners, this Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener allows you to sharpen other household tools as well, such as scissors, shovels, and other tools with … The grinding side of the roller has a D35 diamond coating, which is harder than any knife steel and durable for long-lasting … The HORL rolling knife sharpener ensures the perfect cut with every knife.