These are split into wings and it looks like an egret … White Egret flowers are a small from the family of orchids that grows as a shrub. Also known as craned orchid or fringed orchid, the egret flower produces strappy, deep green leaves with beautiful white flowers that look like white birds in flight. Water newly planted bulbs lightly at first, providing enough water to keep the soil slightly moist. Growing egret flowers in pots is just as easy. They are sharp and they have two white leafs which looks like eggs as well; the calyx looks like a headgear. Most importantly, use a potting mix formulated for orchids, or a well-drained media such as regular potting mix combined with sand and/or perlite.. Egret Flower Care. The White Egret Orchid is named for its beautiful flowers, which have a striking resemblance to a graceful white egret in flight. They reaching 12 to 15 inches in height and two or three flowers grow on each stem, and the calyx is shaped like a narrow egg and has 5 to 7 are at the end of the flower. the flower is separated into three parts. Native to Asia, the egret flower is a type of terrestrial orchid that grows primarily in grassy wetlands, shady glades, or bogs. It is a wild variety of orchid and even though it is native to Asia, it is grown in United States also. The center looks like a tongue and the sides are the edge of the leafs. The White Egret Orchid is perhaps the most delicate of all orchid plants. It is a heron with an all white plumage. Sometimes called the fringed orchid, this hardy terrestrial orchid, which is native to Japan, needs well-drained, moderate to constant moisture soil, and full to partial sunlight. Today we will show you how to grow egret flowers with our easy to follow gardening guide. Its flower is so white and so beautiful that it reminds one of the white bird called egret.