You know he has a past, and he has the best stories to tell. A guy who ponders over a neat filled with the golden liquid of the gods not only makes a great lover, but also a great partner. How to drink bourbon, according to the experts, Best recipe boxes 2020: best meal delivery services revealed, Best Black Friday deals 2020: early Black Friday deals and more. Copyright © 2020. ‘I’d like to see a genuine reflection of the consumer in whisky marketing that’s gender-balanced,’ she says. I see things really changing, and changing quickly now, but I think we have some catching up to do.’. Yes, we’re talking whisky: the manliest of manly drinks. Yet, despite women’s significant role in the creation of whisky, the perception lingers among the general public that whisky is a ‘man’s drink’, and intimidating to women in particular. When the late-20th century came around, spirit manufacturers decided that whisky’s image needed a makeover. ), All this despite the potential profit hit. So if it’s not nature, it must be nurture. People like me have an important job to do in ensuring that we are really moving toward gender parity in what we’re showing and how we’re talking about our brand.’, Jacoby, like many others in the industry, does however see a shift in the way both marketers and consumers think about women’s relationship with whisky. He doesn’t rush, he makes sure things are done right. “Why would any business person want to restrict their potential customer base?”. So much of the social media storm surrounding the launch of Jane Walker could have been avoided, had its vice president not uttered this one sentence in an interview with Bloomberg last month: ‘Scotch as a category is seen as particularly intimidating by women.’. Nicola Riske, brand ambassador for Macallan, hosts whisky tastings all over the world, and insists she’s never noticed a gender disparity among those feeling overwhelmed by whisky as a newcomer. Becky Paskin explores whether women really are intimidated by Scotch, and how the industry can normalise female enjoyment of whisky. He is the kind of man who is all or nothing. But whisky wins. ‘I’ve now lost count of the number of times working behind a stand at whisky shows where you get the slightly older man saying to you: “Oh, but you’re a girl. With events such as the gold rushes, whisky was the drink of choice for miners. The heroes and anti-heroes that fill the pages of your holiday potboiler love a bourbon or scotch. In a world where gender stereotyping was the norm, men drank whisky, while women were expected to choose daintier, more ‘feminine’ refreshments. He’ll make you feel like you can do anything. A little pain during sex can be hot, and he is all about that. The Don Draper type, with their slick hair and even slicker patter. Later, with moving pictures, the image of the lonesome macho cowboy drinking whisky in the saloon became a popular trope.”, “It’s hard to say,” says Peyton. What on earth do you know about whisky?”, ‘That’s where it’s quite nice to gently say: “Well, what would you like me to tell you and I’ll try and answer your questions.” Generally they acknowledge they shouldn’t have said that and they are pleasantly surprised I know as much as I do.’. In many societies, the men didn’t want women to [experience] that. With him, sex is always a soulful, sensual experience. Booze is, slowly but surely, becoming a gender-neutral environment. While the majority of respondents were likely whisky drinkers already (the poll was included within a satirical article entitled: A guide to drinking whisky if you’re a weak female), whisky can still be an intimidating arena for the uninitiated, regardless of gender. Because men had had one, too. Don’t even get me started on guys who get wine drunk…. The movement will tackle ‘out-dated perceptions’ of the stereotypical whisky drinker. We can all raise a strawberry daiquiri to that. A Highland distillery is offering all-expenses-paid placements to women ‘from all walks of life’. Songs about whisky – and there are hundreds – are invariably sung by a man, and are often about women, too. Unlike the other boys in the room, he is a man. Why’s whisky still considered a man’s drink. He will take the time to explore your body the way he explores his neat: with slow, deliberate purpose. He will take you for a ride, and it will get sweaty. “What makes a drink manly is status,” says Tom Soden, co-owner of London drinking holes Nine Lives, The Lion & Lamb and The Gunmakers. He is all in 100 percent. He always tell you what’s on his mind and isn’t afraid to hurt your feelings. Her whisky of choice, by the way, is the Famous Grouse blend. I don’t do it now - I couldn’t. reimagined the single malt whisky drinker, #OurWhisky movement to challenge stereotypes. Unlike alcoholism, which involves sustained heavy drinking on a long-term basis, binge drinking can be an isolated or occasional occurrence. Women, it seems, are not so intimidated by whisky after all. He’s the best guy there is, that whiskey man. A Whiskey Drinker man is more interesting and intelligent. Arguably the only Scotch whisky campaigns to successfully portray an inclusive face of the modern whisky drinker are those from Haig Club (which features an equal mix of men and women) and Glenfiddich’s Bourbon Barrel Reserve, a US-only expression launched in 2016 that reimagined the single malt whisky drinker through a series of short films. On the other hand, a tequila man is just too much of everything. ‘There’s so much for anyone to love in whisky, and I’ve never considered it particularly male.’, Even Laing, whose family has blended and bottled Scotch whisky for generations, is used to a raised eyebrow. Laing is just one of a growing number of women working in the creation of whisky in Scotland, who today account for a sizeable chunk of the industry’s total workforce, in roles from distillers and blenders through to marketers and brand ambassadors. Al Murray’s pub landlord line of “a pint for the fella, glass of white wine or fruit-based drink for the lady” has almost expired as a parody. “Although the context and spirit might change slightly, from whisky to mezcal and rum, what is perceived as a masculine drink won’t, as it stems from tradition,” says Soden. The best whisky deals for Black Friday 2020 and beyond. “Any brand owners who still perpetuate the peculiar notion that alcoholic drinks have a gender are purposely alienating 50 per cent of the market,” says Peyton. You can’t change people’s viewpoints over night.’. Everything about a whiskey man exudes sex appeal. A beer a day to see you through to Christmas. With more women than ever enjoying a wee dram why does gender stereotyping still exist at all? Gender has nothing to do with it.’. Here are 16 reasons why the man who drinks whiskey is the best lover: 1. It’s a similar, if lesser, case with beer and dark rum: the former is associated with men in pubs, the latter with pirates. This shows that he isn’t going to allow your sex life to be vanilla or tragically tame. Karen Betts, who took over as chief executive of the SWA in May last year, is still shocked by the reaction she gets to her drink preference. ‘For many years – decades – marketing was mostly focused on men. “Depending on the society and era, women have either been banned from drinking alcohol in general – not just whisky – or, if they did drink, they were often seen as common or alcoholic,” says Peyton. He can't stand with the group and order rounds of Bud Light. Whiskey dick is real and happens to the best of us. If a man consumes five or more drinks in one sitting or about 2 hours, it qualifies as binge drinking. What had been intended as a display of support for gender equality faceplanted into a frenzied backlash from whisky fans who instead perceived the limited edition blend as ‘patronising’. And yet they still kind of do. Oh, enough innuendo, he won’t get it in your hair, and that’s a beautiful thing. Updated: Tickle your taste buds with our choice of the best craft beers. Kelly Carpenter, founder of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s Canada branch, believes the issue is not unique to whisky, or women. Walk into any movie apartment inhabited by Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra or Cary Grant and there’s the decanter of it, soon to be poured in unfeasibly large measures. Gwilt believes the key to challenging this perception of whisky as a ‘man’s drink’, and diminishing its intimidation factor, is through both education of the liquid and sensitive marketing. The more mass the person has the more alcohol it takes to reach an inebriated state. “How much whisky can a person drink to be drunk?” How tall is the person? I find there’s a curiosity there, and more than anything it’s just they may have felt shy or intimidated by whisky as a whole, both men and women, if they are not familiar with it. Whisky’s association with hard-drinking violent men was firmly established by the 18th century.”. Despite the ‘misstep’ over Jane Walker, Johnnie Walker’s VP Stephanie Jacoby is all too aware of the influence large whisky producers have in swaying consumer opinion. He doesn't subscribe to the generational concept of sex without passion. Whiskey goes down your throat and wraps its hands around your heart just like your man does.