Answers on a postcard, delivered to our cabin in the woods, please! Your email address will not be published. Some fans are hopeful that it's a secret collab with Lorde, but I'm not buying it! Her ability, though, to tell vivid stories (lovely and heart-wr, Welcome to The Come-Up, where rising Gen-Z talent checks in on their way to the top. Required fields are marked *. A quick internet search reveals William Bowery isn't a known singer, songwriter, or producer, which only supports fans suspicions. Fans have pointed out that Swift and Alwyn attended a Kings of Leon after-party at the Bowery Hotel one of the first times they ever met, and that Alwyn’s great-grandfather is called William. Also, Joe's late great-grandfather William Alwyn was a composer, so the name could be in tribute to him. It’s a gorgeous listen and as is expected with any Swift record, there’s always more than first meets the eye (or, you know, ears). Could their ongoing friendship have resulted in a fresh creative partnership? The reigning theory, however, is that William Bowery is another name for Swift's long-term actor boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Theories abound about who William Bowery, the musician name-checked on the surprise-released record, could be. She has a painting called Bowery Bum, and in the past there have been rumours that Swift’s song ‘The Lucky One’, from 2010’s ‘Red’, could have been about Mitchell. In the past 24 hours Taylor Swift announced and promptly released her eighth studio album, ‘Folklore’. According to fans, “Bowery” is a reference to the Bowery Hotel, where Taylor and Joe allegedly had one of their first dates in 2016. Could their ongoing friendship have resulted in a fresh creative partnership? The Rob Zombie guitarist unveiled the previously unreleased footage in tribute to Eddie Van Halen. Fans think Joe Alwyn secretly co-wrote two songs on … Now we’, Don’t panic, but there’s a chance that none other than Ella Marija Lani “Lorde” Yelich-O’Connor is not only coming back, but, Taylor Swift can’t just be defined by the men she written songs about over the years. | Fans online believe that “William Bowery” who Taylor credited as a songwriter on folklore could actually be a pseudonym for her bf Joe Alwyn. I’m calling it, William Bowery is Austin Swift — Suz (@gottenbread) July 23, 2020 . The actor-slash-musician has been playing with, As if Fridays weren’t your favorite day already, Refinery29 will also be gathering the best new music out each week, and breaking down why each track des, I pledge allegiance to the flag…that is currently draped around Lizzo’s naked body. The post ‘The Simpsons’ Halloween special features Pixar and ‘Spider-Verse’ parodies appeared first on... "We are in a precarious place," artist says, "all we have is this fleeting and miraculous point of view", Your email address will not be published. The singer’s sixth full-length tells the, Ariana Grande has officially concluded the thank u, next era — one in which she was owning her newly single status and giving herself space. (smth special mustve happened here, that's why she used d name "BOWERY" i guess? I’m calling it, William Bowery is Austin Swift, someone said WILLIAM BOWERY might actually be JONI MITCHEL'S pseudonym??? There is little to no info on a songwriter with that name, and one of the couple’s first meetings was at the Bowery Hotel in NYC., — Taylor Swift News (@TSwiftNZ) July 23, 2020. Check out the first images here Taylor Swift stunned Swifties everywhere by announcing her surprise new album folklore on July 23.